Gloss Tyre Gel

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Gloss is our multi finish tyre gel. The advantage of this product is you can decide how you want the end results to be whether you strive for a wet look gloss finish or a natural satin finish. For a Satin finish simply apply and buff of any residue with a microfibre  cloth, for a wet look gloss apply a second coating. Not only is this product the perfect finisher to any detail but it also helps to protect the tyres against UV damage.

 Directions of use:

1.Shake well before use.

2.Ensure tyre is dry, we recommend applying with a foam applicator. Apply 2-3 drops on the applicator and evenly rub on to the tyre.

3. For a Glossy finish repeat step 2, for a satin finish buff off the excess product.

 -Image shows product in 1L Quantity.