Si02 Infused Wet Rinse

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Our Si02 infused wet rinse is a superior rinse aid which adds up to 3 months of protection to all exterior surfaces of your pride and joy from a single easy to apply application.

Adding our Si02 infused wet rinse to your wash routine not adds protection to your vehicle, this product results in unbelievable hydrophobic properties and superior gloss. Simply spray directly on to the surface whilst wet after your wash routine, rinse thoroughly with a pressure washer and then admire the results!


Directions of use:


1.Ensure the whole vehicle is clean and cool to the touch prior to use. Never apply this product in direct sunlight, extreme hot or cold conditions. We advise using this product one panel at a time to ensure even coverage.

2.Spray a light mist of product directly across the wet vehicle one panel at a time, this product is suitable to be used on all exterior protection.

3.Once applied to the panel rinse off immediately from top to bottom using a pressure washer or hose.

4.Dry with a clean microfibre towel.

If any spotting or streaks occur using this product, chances are it was left on the surface for too long. If this is case simply remove these spots with a clean microfibre and our Enrich detail spray.

 Available in 1L.

-Image shows product in 1L Quantity, spray trigger included.

 -Not to be used on satin paint or Satin PPF (Paint Protection Film)