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Our Exterior wash bundle, Your exterior washing essentials in a all in one package to ensure a safe wash whilst adding gloss protection to your paintwork.

This consists of:

Cherry Blast/ Ice Blast (1L) : Cherry Blast by Enrich is a PH Neutral snow foam pre wash formula which is wax and sealant. Cherry Blast/ Ice Blast efficiently cuts through loosening and removing surface dirt and grime on your vehicle prior to the contact wash process, minimising the risks of damage being caused during the wash process.

Purify or Lustro(500ML) : Purify/ Lustro by Enrich is a PH Neutral shampoo formula which is wax and sealant safe . Both shampoos are packed full of highly concentrated lubricants and provides luxurious foam. When combined with a high quality wash mitt and the 2 bucket method all this means a swirl free wash process without any streaking leaving a high gloss slick finish.

Ironide (1L) : Ironide is our premium PH Neutral fallout and iron contaminant remover. Ironhide once sprayed on to the surface will transform to a deep purple colour, during this reaction the product will remove tiny pieces of embedded iron from your paintwork or wheels safely. This product can be used as part of your multi stage decontamination process to the vehicles paint work or as a fast and effective wheel cleaner. Not for use on Carbon Ceramics.

Enrich (500ML): Enrich is our signature detail spray, it's easy to apply and leaves a streak free show winning glossy and hydrophobic finish protecting your paintwork. Simply spray on to your paintwork and buff off to reveal the Enrich finish, whilst leaving behind a pleasant summer berry scent.

Gloss: (500ML) Gloss is our new multi finish tyre gel. The advantage of this product is you can decide how you want the end results to be whether you strive for a wet look gloss finish or a natural satin finish. For a Satin finish simply apply and buff of any residue with a microfibre  cloth, for a wet look gloss apply a second coating. Not only is this product the perfect finisher to any detail but it also helps to protect the tyres against UV damage.