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A Interior bundle consisting of Diverse, Bespoke and IQD to keep your interior clean and protected.

IQD: Enrich's banana scented interior detailer is the perfect solution to a clean and dressed interior. Suitable for dashboards and other rubber/ plastic interior trims. The end result is a protected satin OEM finish with a pleasant banana scent.

Bespoke: Bespoke is a highly advanced all in one leather cleaner and conditioner. This product will remove the deepest of grime and leathers leaving behind a soft OEM matte finish conditioned leather with a pleasant leather scent.

 Diverse: Diverse interior cleaner is the ultimate heavy duty yet safe cleaner to cut through heavy grime and grease. Suitable for mostly all interior surfaces including leather, plastics, rubber, vinyl alcantara and carpets.

 Supplied as 500ML Quantities with spray triggers.