The Details Bundle

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The details kit contains what you need to add those finishing touches to your freshly cleaned vehicle, this includes:


Enrich (500ML) is our signature detail spray, it's easy to apply and leaves a streak free show winning glossy and hydrophobic finish protecting your paintwork. Simply spray on to your paintwork and buff off to reveal the Enrich finish, whilst leaving behind a pleasant summer berry scent.


20/20 (500ML) is our ultimate streak and smear free glass cleaner, designed to remove even the greasiest of films from your glass whilst remaining quick and easy to use with a guaranteed streak free finish. Safe to be used on tinted windows and sat-nav screens.


Deluxe, are our thick pile 1000GSM ultra soft buffing towels, measuring in at 40X40CM these are ideal for use with our detail spray, spray wax and glass cleaner products to ensure perfect swirl and streak free results.