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Wash mitt and shampoo bundle consisting of our Microfibre wash mitt and Purify which is our best selling PH Neutral Shampoo.


Purify (500ML) by Enrich is a PH Neutral shampoo formula which is wax and sealant safe with a fresh Lime scent. Purify is packed full of highly concentrated lubricants and provides luxurious foam. When combined with a high quality wash mitt and the 2 bucket method all this means a swirl free wash process without any streaking leaving a high gloss slick finish


Our Premium ultra soft Microfibre wash mitt is a must have in your detailing kit to aid towards a swirl free contact wash process. The Enrich wash mitts are produced with tall microfibre strands and absorb a whole load of shampoo and water solution whilst removing dirt particles from paintwork and trapping in the wash mitt.