Enrich Detail Spray

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Enrich is our signature detail spray, it's easy to apply and leaves a streak free show winning glossy and hydrophobic finish protecting your paintwork. Simply spray on to your paintwork and buff off to reveal the Enrich finish, whilst leaving behind a pleasant summer berry scent.

This product can be used to remove light dirt on the show field leaving behind a unrivalled glossy finish.

Directions of use:

1. Ensure paintwork is dry and cool to the touch.

2. Spray a light mist of Enrich directly on to the panel, no need to soak the surface, a small amount of product goes a long way.

3. Wipe over the panel with a high quality clean microfibre cloth.

4. Turn the cloth over and buff off to reveal a high gloss slick surface.

Enrich can also be used as a drying aid, simply dilute 50/50 with water and spray directly on the vehicle prior to drying to add a lubrication to the surface to further reduce the changes of swirl marks.

Available in 500ML and 1L Quanities.

-Image shows product in 1L Quantity, spray trigger included.