Ice Blast PH Neutral Snow Foam

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Ice Blast by Enrich is a PH Neutral snow foam pre wash formula which is wax and sealant safe. Our super thick Ice Blast efficiently cuts through loosening and removing surface dirt and grime on your vehicle prior to the contact wash process, minimising the risks of damage being caused during the wash process.

  Directions of use:

 1. If your vehicle is heavily soiled with grime we advise to pre rinse with your jet wash to remove as much loose dirt possible before applying.

 2.Pour 1"- 2" of formula in to your snow foam lance, 1" for thinner foam and 2" to lay a heavy blanket of foam! Fill remainder of the lance with fresh water.

 3.Now the lance is all filled up, attach to your pressure washer and cover your vehicle with a thick blanket of Snowfall, allow to dwell for 5-8 Minutes.

 4. Rinse thoroughly with a pressure washer or hose.

  -Available in 500ML and  1L.

-Image shows product in 1L Quantity.