Diverse - Interior Cleaner

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Diverse interior cleaner is the ultimate heavy duty yet safe cleaner to cut through heavy grime and grease. Suitable for mostly all interior surfaces including leather, plastics, rubber, vinyl alcantara and carpets.

 Directions of use:

1.Shake thoroughly before use.

2.This product is suitable for all interior surfaces, we advise testing on small inconspicuous surface prior to use if being used on more delicate surfaces such as leather.

3.Spray directly on to surface for more heavily soiled areas, leave to dwell for 30 seconds and agitate with a soft brush then buff off. For lightly soiled areas spray directly on to a clean microfibre cloth and wipe across the surface, turn cloth over and buff to remove residue.

 Available in 500ML and 1L Quantities.

-Image shows product in 1L Quantity, spray trigger included.