Lustro PH Neutral Shampoo *Discontinued*

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Lustro by Enrich is a PH Neutral shampoo formula which is wax and sealant safe with a exotic cocktail scent. Lustro is packed full of highly concentrated lubricants and provides luxurious foam. When combined with a high quality wash mitt and the 2 bucket method all this means a swirl free wash process without any streaking leaving a high gloss slick finish.

 Directions of use:

 1. We highly recommend using our Cherry Blast snow foam as a effective pre wash prior to use to remove and loosen dirt.

2.Pour 30-35ML of product in to your clean wash bucket with grit guard. Fill remainder with water. Enrich recommend using the 2 bucket method, fill your second rinse bucket with fresh water.

3.Using a high quality wash mitt, wash the vehicle from top to bottom rinsing your wash mitt regularly and thoroughly in the fresh water bucket before taking solution from the bucket containing Lustro.

4. Rinse thoroughly with a pressure washer or hose.

 Available in 500ML and 1L Quantities.

-Image shows product in 1L Quantity.